Water collector

Water Collector

To maintain a healthy lifestyle drinking enough water and stay hydrated is essential. What used to be drinking when arriving at destination has quickly changed in bringing your travel bottle during the day.

Stainless steel products are the way to go for drinking bottles. They have a significantly lower environmental impact, are better for your health, have superior temperature retention, are more durable, last longer, and are more cost-effective.

To pass through airport security with your metal drinking bottle, you'll need to follow the liquid rule. This means your water bottle must be empty when entering the security screening area.

When arriving at airport security area, a lot of passengers find out that they forgot to empty their metal drinking bottle. If no sinks are available there are several options

  • Drink the whole content of the metal drinking bottle.
  • Empty your metal drinking bottle “somewhere.”
  • Try to get through security with a filled bottle with the chance that the bottle will be confiscated.

During the pilot with 4 Water Collectors at a security checkpoint an average of 60 litres of water was collected per day.

Water Collector Concept

Based upon the above we designed a stand-alone concept to enable the passenger to empty their metal drinking bottle without infrastructural modifications of the security waiting area.

We developed a Water Collector where the passengers can empty their drinking bottles. And gives insight towards the airport and contractors on the amount and quantity of emptying metal water bottles. Giving more insight about the trend of passengers taking water with them. Besides that, the Water Collector will give a spoken feedback “Thank You” towards the passenger.

After every disposal within the Water Collector, information is sent to a centralized server and displayed on a mobile app. Besides the mobile app, optional alerts can be sent by Whatsapp or SMS to the responsible Cleaning company when the container should be emptied.

During the pilot with 4 Water Collectors at a security checkpoint an average of 60 liters of water was collected per day. During the pilot the internal container could hold a maximum of 16 litres due to health and safety rules for exchanges.

Within the production version we upgraded the internal container towards a 60 liters version. Emptying of the internal container will be performed by an external water pump and hose connected to a mobile collect container.


Technical details


Water Collector

120 L barrel with Stainless steel sink.

Power Supply

PowerBank 5V, 20.000mAH


A maximum of 60 Litre of water can be collected within the internal container

Processor module

IOT Processor module


Lora connected to the Airport Lora infrastructure or with an additional supplied Lora Gateway.

Measuring module

Measuring module made of Aluminium easy to exchange.


Transducer speaker, sound files by SD Card.

Alert system (optional)

WhatsApp messages towards contractor when container should be emptied.

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