What positions are we looking for?



What are you going to do?

At CAS you work on different types of assignments. You work on large assignments with a longer lead time, where you are deployed by CAS at an airport as a member of a multidisciplinary project team with participants from the airport organization and other involved external consultancy disciplines. You quickly pick up substantive matters and (depending on your experience) you are able to manage teams, convey your substantive vision and achieve results with the team. You will also work on small-scale assignments for products and services that we develop for use at airports. This can vary from devising and developing a smart solution where we deploy an operational team to developing an innovative product.

We carry out our assignments for international airports in a 24/7 operational environment. CAS employees have a hands-on mentality. We want the solutions we come up with to also work in the operation. To gain insight into what employees and passengers need, we participate in the operation at certain times. This provides us with insight into what makes the difference and how we can further optimize solutions. We convert our insights into concrete proposals that we then convert into reality.

CAS sometimes carries out assignments in other sectors. By applying our method of working in other sectors, we learn and can help companies to innovate, develop and implement solutions (process, technology).

What kind of team will you be working in?

CAS has a close-knit team that is passionate about the profession. Our team has different areas of expertise. This allows us to view and simplify complex issues from multiple perspectives. Our philosophy is that the best solutions are created by combining these different perspectives. Each team member has (basic) knowledge of and interest in several expertises that are important in our sector. We are pragmatic and work on a project basis. The team realizes what is requested for our customers in a timely manner, even if this sometimes concerns short-term ad-hoc requests. If this means that we are in the office longer and work outside office hours, we don't mind that. We get energy from that.

What does your working environment look like?

At CAS you work from our office The Base at Schiphol. From the office you have a view of the airport terminals, the departing and arriving passengers and the control tower. We work close to the operational airport processes. You feel the dynamics of an airport every day. We believe that contact with the operational environment is important in order to develop suitable solutions for airports. We attach importance to collaboration and being able to speak to each other spontaneously, which is where great ideas arise. At CAS you mainly work in the office and, if there is no other option, then at home.

Will you strengthen our team?

What inspires you? What makes you distinctive? How do you see your future? What is your story? We are curious about you and would like to invite you to apply!

An assessment can be part of the process. For the safety of our clients and colleagues, an AIVD security investigation (VGB B-Civil Aviation) is always part of the process.

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We are always open for like-minded people to strengthen our team.

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